Hear it from our Customers

"Dave and I had such a great time at your store today! I had no idea what to expect or how the whole process of selling gold would go. Barbara explained everything in detail and we learned a lot! I was so surprised with the amount of money I made selling my old gold jewelry. Dave was thrilled with the price of his watch repair, ΒΌ of what he had been quoted elsewhere! I'm looking for my old watches now so you can get them up and running. I am in love with the watch I got while I was there. But best of all was your teaching us about those natural pearls. We are excited to share them with our students. What a great day! Thank you for your teaching, your patience, and your honesty. I look forward to seeing you and Barbara again."

-Aimee & Dave, Phoenix, AZ

"What wonderful people! In this day and age, where "process" so often trumps "people," Diamond Jim's is a hold out to days of civilization, where there's actually "customer" and "service" in customer service. I sold some odd pieces of gold - one earing of a pair, kinked chains, etc. They were so helpful, and as one other reviewer put it, did everything in front of you -- no back room antics! I also went to other places and got the same price, so decided to do business with Diamond Jim's. I would HIGHLY recommend them, and if I need to go to a jeweler, would go to them first. They are personable and fair, and put people before process. If you're comparison shopping, do yourself a favor and try them first; you owe it to yourself. I bet you'll end up there."

-Marybeth Montague, Phoenix, AZ

"I recommend Diamond Jims. They were nice and friendly. They explained everything to me as they did it. I got more than I thought I was going to get."

-Maureen Sandle, Goodyear

"Now I know why everyone is selling gold. I was very happy with Diamond Jims."

-Norma Light, Casa Grande

"I was happy to sell my valuables to Diamond Jims. The man was very patient and tested everything. Some of the things I thought were not real turned out to be real. And to think I wasn't going to bring them. Am I glad I did. I would tell everyone to bring all their thing. You might just be surprised."

-Alice A. Queen Creek

"I went to several places that advertise they buy gold but didn't feel comfortable with any of them. A friend of mine recomended Diamond Jims. I drove all the way from Sun City and like they say it was worth the trip from anywhere. He made me feel so comfortable. I would trust him and recommend him to all my friends."

-Mary Stone, Sun City

"Dealing with Diamond Jim's was very pleasant!"

-Angela, Satisfied Customer

"I have had several gold parties and can highly recommend Diamond Jim's. They come to the house and test all the jewelry my friends bring, even if we think it isn't real. They are polite and explain to each person what they are doing and how much their gold, silver, coins and watches are worth. Diamond Jim paid twice what my daughter was quoted at another place. They pay on the spot and their checks are always good."

-Gloria Cota, Guadalupe AZ

"I found Diamond Jim to be a very trustworthy gentleman. The drive was worth it. He is precise and extremely honest to deal with. We will certainly continue to do business with Diamond Jim's."

-Nena Whitten

"I trust Diamond Jim. He is a people person, very dependable and gives you great deals! I had a gold party at my home and was very pleased. So were my guests!"

-Francine C. Crawford

"I recently sold my gold to Diamond Jim's and was very pleased. I checked out 4 other places before I selected him. He was fair and explained everything. I was so happy to get that money for jewelry I never wear anymore!"

-Barbara W., Chandler AZ

"With our economic future still unknown, when people are being laid off left & right, money is hard to get and even harder to keep. There is one person I know that will greet you with a smile, treat you and your gold with total respect (even when not all of your items are real gold)...that person is Diamond Jim. He is always pleasant to be around, honest as they get, very knowledgeable and his integrity is impeccable. Diamond Jim gives you the most $$ for your gold and don't be afraid to ask if he might be interested in other items as well, he just might be! Don't forget, he will repair your broken jewelry & watches and maybe even create a few jewelry designs just for you as well. So who do I trust with my all my jewelry? DIAMOND JIM'S, of course!

--Shere Avery

"You told me everything I wanted to hear AND paid me!"

-Ida, Satisfied Customer

"I brought some pieces of broken jewelry to a house party. These were things that I had forgotten were there. Who would have known I had $650, cash in my jewelry junk pile! Thank You Diamond Jim!"

-Paula Apostalakis, AZ

"I came a a home gold party not really knowing what to expect. What I got was awesome! Jim is great and professional and very wonderful to work with. Thank you."

-Bertha Ramos

"My fiance bought me a 14k diamond ring at Ultra Diamonds. They told him it was a $12,000 ring that was 80% off at $2400. It had a 1/3ct center diamond and a lot of small ones to make a total of 1 carat. I took it 2 places for appraisal and both told me it was worth about $2500 at retail. I went to Diamond Jims and found a 1 1/3 ct ring in platinum for $1200 less. I know where I am shopping from now on!"

-Michelle Slocum

"I took some gold items to a store that buys gold, silver etc. and was told he'd pay $115. for my 4 items. Diamond Jim paid me $188 for the same items! I'm very happy with Diamond Jim's service."

-Jamell Russell

"I sent some of my gold into Cash4Gold expecting a decent amount of money. Believe it or not they sent me a check for a mere $121. I asked for my gold and diamonds back and went to Diamond Jim's instead and he gave me $386! Thank you Mr. Jim."

-Sonya Barrey

"My sister and I went to Diamond Jim's and wow what an experience! Diamond Jim says to bring your gold to him and get a great price. Don't go somewhere where they sell phones, tires, appliances, or worse where they want to give you a haircut or tattoo! He was right, very professional, very friendly, it's like being in your living room. Great experience! I will be returning to Diamond Jim's!!"

-Kristen and Sister

"I saw Diamond Jim's listing on Craigslist and after my terrible experience with other pawn shops, decided to take a chance. What I found at Diamond Jim's was a very professional and fair transaction. It greatly exceeded my expectations of the value of the jewelry I was selling. I recommend Diamond Jims to anyone wanting to sell their jewelry and collectibles."

-Norma Ragan, Phoenix AZ

"I had a lot of broken gold chains, rings that didn't fit and jewelry I didn't wear anymore. I took it to Diamond Jim and was pleasantly surprised at what I received. "

-Marian Hunter, Phoenix

"I was so happy to find out how much my scrap gold was worth. And to think I was just going to leave it in the closet and not come to the party. It was worth it!"

-Catharine Berunen, Chandler, AZ

"I was shocked at the value of some my old jewelry. I would say ladies clean out those old jewelry boxes and do some real shopping. I did!"

-Pat S., Phoenix