Jewelry Repair

Phoenix Jewelry Repair - Experience You Can Trust!
Everyone has had a broken piece of jewelry that needed fixing at one time or another.  Whether it is a watch, a chain, a ring or some other piece of jewelry, you want to get the job done right!  At Diamond Jim's Phoenix and Diamond Jim's Sun City locations, we have on-site jewelry repair with a goldsmith in-house. That means we don't send your precious item through the mail to another location to get it fixed, like many other jewelry stores do.

Let's talk a little about one of the most common tasks the goldsmith is commissioned with - sizing a ring up to fit your finger.  Do you know how it is done?  Well, there are a couple of ways it can be done, and as you may expect there is one way that is far better than the other.  The easiest and least expensive way to do it is to stretch the metal.  This can be okay, but may also lead to your ring losing some of it's strength and integrity.  This may lead to more problems in the future if the metal becomes too thin and then you'll end up having to pay for another repair to be performed down the road. The more desireable way to size the ring is to add metal to the ring.  What the qualified goldsmith will do is cut the ring and add gold sizing stock. Using the proper solder and temperature for the torch, the new gold is added and the ring polished and buffed.   After soldering it back together, there should be no evidence that the repair was ever done.  If the solder is incorrect or the temperature too hot, the repaired area may be weak and appear to look spongy under magnification. At Diamond Jim's our years of experience ensure that your valuables will be repaired properly and treated gently.
An experienced jeweler will make sure your stones won't be damaged or loosened by work on your ring or other jewelry. If your jewelry repair is handled by the wrong person, it can ruin a valuable piece. There is no substitute for experience.  With 25 years of work on a jeweler's bench, Diamond Jim's is uniquely qualified to do all your jewelry repair work.  Each piece of jewelry we work on is insured up to  $25,000 against loss or damage.  Fortunately, with the extreme care we take, we have never had occasion to use this coverage.  Come in to either of our locations and give us a try with your jewelry repair.  You will find us to be friendly, knowledgable and reasonably priced!

If you have a question about selling gold, buying gold, jewelry repair or anything related to precious stones and metals, submit it here and we'll do our best to answer it for you.