Diamonds Are Our Business

Diamond Jim is a Master IJO Jeweler
As a Master IJO Jewler, Diamond Jim travels to the heart of the diamond industry in Antwerp, Belgium twice a year to handpick diamonds for our customers. Heralded as the World's Diamond Capital, Antwerp has a rich history and tradition. 8 out of 10 of all rough diamonds in the world are handled here! The knowledge and expertise of Antwerp's diamond cutters has been passed from master to apprentice, generation after generation which is why Antwerp's diamond cutters are considered the finest in the world. Since no two diamonds are the same, only an experienced diamond cutter can determine the best way to cut a rough diamond. Play the video below to follow Diamond Jim's journey through Antwerp purchasing the very best diamonds for our customers.

Diamond Jim - Diamond Broker

At Diamond Jim's, we take diamonds very seriously. We aren't just jewelers, we are also diamond brokers. As diamond brokers, Diamond Jim has access to the incredible inventories that can only be found in Antwerp. We are able to search through thousands of carats of diamonds, selecting only the most perfect diamonds for our customers - at the lowest prices!

The Four C's - Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity

Diamond Jim uses the 4 C's to evaluate the diamonds he selects - Color, Cut, Carat Weight and Clarity. This process if difficult and requires incredible concentration and years of experience. As a Master IJO Jeweler, Diamond Jim had direct access to the Antwerp diamond cutters. This gives him and incredible price and quality advantage!

The Fifth C - Cost!

Ready to buy an engagement ring, a special diamond band or anniversary gift? Let Diamond Jim select a diamond for you - direct from Antwerp! With Diamond Jim's experience and contacts he can deliver the Fifth C - an incredible diamond for with an amazing Cost savings! Stop in to our Phoenix or Sun City location to discuss your diamond request or contact Diamond Jim by email at this link.

Diamond Buyer

Diamond Jim's will also pay cash for your unwanted diamonds. Visit one of our locations and we'll give you a fair price! We're a highly regarded diamond buyer in Phoenix and Sun City.